Melya the Brave (winterfield) wrote,
Melya the Brave

Harry Potter

When I was fifteen, I read the first Harry Potter book.

When I was twenty-five, I read the last.

Ten years ago today I saw the first movie, and tonight, I watched the last.

When I think about it, this series has, one way or another, been a feature in more than half my life. I don't even think I would be the same person without it. It's not so much the magic or the fantasy, it's the belief in the human spirit, the belief in good triumphing over evil. The belief that being true to yourself will bring you right in the end... The belief that following your heart no matter how difficult is what being human is, and no one can deprive you of that.

I've learned a lot since I was fifteen, but one thing from the first book to the last movie has held true: the world is magic, we have but to discover it.
Tags: harry potter
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